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Having worked with and interviewed some of the world’s leading sports experts, Sports Wisdom brings you a comprehensive amount of knowledge, strategies and insights to help you achieve your best – physically and mentally.

This sports, fitness and lifestyle BLOG is for fitness fanatics, serious competitors, sports coaches, parents, personal trainers and sports experts.

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Be the ULTIMATE competitor. Start today – Initially you will take small steps each day, which will slip into weeks, and weeks into months. Before you know it, you will arrive at a place called ‘extraordinary’.

Aim high and may your dreams come true!


Simple gym equipment

Knowing the differences in simple gym equipment

  Do you know the dif­fer­ence between some of the more sim­ple gym equip­ment and weight machines found in your gym?   Sim­ple gym equip­ment weight machines are those machines and appa­ra­tuses that pro­vide a con­stant level of resis­tance through­out the entire range of motion. These devices include linear-guided machines and cable pul­ley machines. They essentially […]

Food Matters | David Becker

Unusual Superfoods (Part 1) — Macqui

Super­food Super­boost: Mac­qui Berry — An usual super­food we don’t often hear about is Mac­qui. Let’s have a quick look at this super­food. WHAT IS IT: This super­berry is native to the Patag­o­nia region of south­ern Chile, where it’s been a sta­ple food of the Mapuche Indi­ans for cen­turies. WHY IT’S GOOD FOR YOU :  The berries are […]

Scientific Sports Nutrition - SSN (Australia)

How to boost your testosterone naturally with diet and exercise

As a physique or per­for­mance ath­lete your testos­terone lev­els can have a huge impact on your abil­ity to build mus­cle & per­form at your peak. If your body isn’t pro­duc­ing opti­mal amounts of testos­terone your phys­i­cal capa­bil­i­ties will be restricted — no doubt about it! The good news is sim­ple manip­u­la­tions of your train­ing & […]

How to manage your neck pain

Neck Pain Advice: How to Manage your Neck Pain — Part 3

  Neck Pain Advice: How to man­age neck pain as result of a disc prob­lem What is a disco­genic neck? Disco­genic wry neck refers to pain and tight­ness aris­ing from one or more of the inter­ver­te­bral discs (ver­te­bral discs are located between each ver­te­bral seg­ment) in the neck or upper back.  How does it hap­pen? Disco­genic wry neck […]

30 Seconds with David Becker

SportsLAB Episode 1 — The Latest Sports Science Discoveries

In this episode of Sport­sLAB that Helps Indi­vid­u­als Stretch the Bound­aries of Sport­ing Excel­lence, Sports Wis­dom Founder David Becker talks about an immu­nity booster, how yogurt should be part of your pre-event meal, how to stop mid-morning crav­ings and how week­end war­riors and ath­letes can stem their crav­ings for alcohol.