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Having worked with and interviewed some of the world’s leading sports experts, Sports Wisdom brings you a comprehensive amount of knowledge, strategies and insights to help you achieve your best – physically and mentally.

This sports, fitness and lifestyle BLOG is for fitness fanatics, serious competitors, sports coaches, parents, personal trainers and sports experts.

SportsFITLearn how to fine tune your body into a peak performing machine

SportsFUELLearn exercise nutrition secrets to help you fuel your body for peak performances

SportsMINDLearn the latest sports psychology secrets and strategies to train your mind for ultimate success

SportsGURUListen to the genuine stories, quotes and experiences of the world’s sports coaches, athletes, administrators and sports science experts

SportsLABBe the first to know about that latest sports science research to get that competitive advantage over the competition

SportsCLINICLearn and apply the latest evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation protocols to keep your body in peak condition

SportsBODYBUILDLearn and apply the latest evidence-based bodybuilding training protocols to completely your body

SportsCOACHLearn the latest coaching secrets to take your sports coaching to new levels in unlocking athletic potential

SportsLEADLearn the leadership lessons from sport and apply them in your business, team or sporting organisation

SportsPARENTLearn the insights and wisdom to help you unlock your child’s full potential and help them realise their dreams

Be the ULTIMATE competitor. Start today – Initially you will take small steps each day, which will slip into weeks, and weeks into months. Before you know it, you will arrive at a place called ‘extraordinary’.

Aim high and may your dreams come true!


Simple gym equipment

Knowing the differences in simple gym equipment

  Do you know the difference between some of the more simple gym equipment and weight machines found in your gym?   Simple gym equipment weight machines are those machines and apparatuses that provide a constant level of resistance throughout the entire range of motion. These devices include linear-guided machines and cable pulley machines. They […]

Scientific Sports Nutrition - SSN (Australia)

How to boost your testosterone naturally with diet and exercise

As a physique or performance athlete your testosterone levels can have a huge impact on your ability to build muscle & perform at your peak. If your body isn’t producing optimal amounts of testosterone your physical capabilities will be restricted – no doubt about it! The good news is simple manipulations of your training & […]